Red Square

Counselling and Psychotherapy for the City, Business and Finance

The City is an unusual environment. Not everyone is drawn to it. It attracts particular personality types. It makes unusual demands on people. It provides unusual levels of reward. It has a culture with some very extreme features which have to be taken seriously if you want to work there.

This is a counselling and psychotherapy practice designed for people who work in that environment. I work in short, focussed blocks of sessions to make less demand on your time and keep the emphasis on what happens in your real life, outside the consulting room. I’m more direct than a lot of therapists tend to be and I aim to make the most of the analytic skills you use in your job.

I spent more than 20 years working as an M&A lawyer in the City. I was a partner in three pre-eminent global law firms and I held senior management roles. I ‘get’ the City. I understand the environment and something about the personalities that are drawn to it. What they get out of it and how it can affect them.